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Carol.Curtin2 5 days ago

Fried Haddock

Great fresh fish at Billy's. Also get the lobster roll. It's our favorite place when we visit ogunquit many times a year. Also love the pub atmosphere the wait staff and of course the view. Coming Monday to introduce 2 friends to our favorite place.

Guest 6 days ago

Oysters on the Half Shell*

I love raw oysters. But when I had them the other day at Billy's, I felt the juice or nectar had been lost somehow. Some shells were tipped on the ice and had hardly any liquid in them. Some of the ones that had juice just tasted like plain water. I've had oysters before where the juice was slightly salty, most of these were not. The oysters were fine, just missing some nectar.

Slgauthier14 7 days ago

Lobster Stew

Love love loved the Lobster stew. Great flavor and plenty of lobster. Can't wait to have it again. Will be my go to (along with their fried scallops) any time I visit Wells.

Carolchernack 7 days ago

New York Strip Steak*

I love a great steak and clam chowder, so always order both when I dine out and they are on the menu, every time I can. This summer, I ordered and consumed all kinds of steak and many recipes for clam chowder in, at least, eight (8) restaurants throughout Maine and one in New Hampshire. All claimed to have the best, but Billy's has the very best! There is no other as delicious - none can come even close - as Billy's Chowder House super, duper, yummy clam chowder. and tender, perfect steak. Billy's Chowder House clam chowder and steak are winners!

Tjl14657 14 days ago

Lobster Stew

Haven't had one better.

Mormandobrooks 15 days ago

Billy's Famous Clam Chowder

Literally the best chowdah in the world. I've eaten chowdah all over the New England area and this is one is the best. We come to wells beach every year and end up at Billy's for lunch and dinner throughout the week. Unbelievably good food, excellent service and gorgeous views.

Chaddumont98 18 days ago

Billy's Famous Clam Chowder

My girlfriend wont stop talking about it now i need to drive the 2 hours to get some more

Dave.Shay 22 days ago

Fried Oysters

By far the BEST fried oysters I have ever had!!! So fresh, batter is not heavy or greasy at all; in a word... PERFECT!!! We drive 3 hours to come to Billy's about 6 times a year! We decided to vacation this summer in Wells, just to go to Billy's all week! ;) We also joined the rewards program and plan to come more often! I like to try new things and have tried many things on the menu, all are great!!! But I always get an order of the fried oysters!!! Absolute best :) service is also great, everyone is very friendly!! thank you... Shay and Dave

Tracyfeeney 23 days ago

Calamari Rings & Tentacles

Delicious!! Clean, perfectly battered and piping hot! Tartar and marinara were just right for dipping... excellent starter to a fantastic dinner

Tag93tag 26 days ago

Billy's Famous Clam Chowder

Whenever I am in Maine, I go to Billy's. The salad with lobster is my go-to meal when I eat at Billy's. I like that they serve the salad with all the veggies chopped & separated on the plate with the mound of lobster in the center. The veggies are always fresh. They have wedges of lemon on the side. I always get my lobster meat with no mayo. I mix the salad together & top with the fresh lemon juice. With the sweetness of the lobster meat & the lemon juice, I don't use any salad dressing. A healthy meal without all the extra calories. They also have the best clam chowder that I have had. And I also order the steamers. They are amazing too.

Bettyrobbins1 27 days ago

Seafood Stew

Fabulous And Fried Scallop Dinner Always our favorite

Blued13 28 days ago

Lobster Stew

I visit Billy's every year on my birthday to enjoy the Lobster Stew . By far my favorite dish anywhere. So buttery and the sweet lobster meat, just thinking about it my mouth is watering. So worth the drive up from Massachusetts( even the dead of winter). I tell everyone about the dish. Simply delicious. Everything actually is always a great meal.

Vitaglianokim66 29 days ago

Billy's Famous Clam Chowder

If you haven't had Billy's Famous Clam Chowder, WHY NOT! Your belly will thank you 😊 All of the seafood is remarkable and when you're eating in such a fun atmosphere it makes it that more yummilish! Do your self a favor stop by and enjoy!

Pamiwon about 1 month ago

Lazy Lobster

I love this place everytime we came to Maine we got to Billy's.

Lia55faith55 about 1 month ago

New York Strip Steak*

I came up from Ct. with a friend to enjoy Maine's seafood. Every meal was better than the last and I STILL remember that Billy's was the very best meal we had while we were here. Every meal simply was better than the last! Our waitress offered great recommendations for our meal and a hot coffee drink at the end of the meal. WOW, WOW I have since moved away all around the country and I am now finally back "home" living and enjoying the good life Southern Maine offers. I have never forgotten that meal and look forward to many more! Thank you Billy!!!

Sandyo6741 about 1 month ago

Fried Whole Belly Clams

Delicious! Clams were perfect size (no overly large bellies) and they were perfectly cooked.

Rmstoller about 1 month ago

Haddock Chowder

For a simple fish chowder the recipe at Billy's is amazing. Absolutely perfect bowl of chowder.

Jburhans 5 days ago

Lobster Stew

Your lobster stew is the best best, lots of lobster chunks in it. Will be back in October and your place is our first stop for lunch but not our only time there. Tried the baked stuffed clams for the 1st time and they were the best I have ever had !!Can't wait to come back.

Gerrylav 7 days ago

Shrimp Scampi

Also love the shrimp tacos. Always a great meal.

Jeannbe1 7 days ago

Shrimp Cocktail

The $1 Tuesday special can not be beat! Super fresh and the sauce is perfect.

Jill 12 days ago

Billy's Tacos

the fish tacos are my favorite item on the menu..but I also love the sriracha chicken tenders...even their ceasar salad is delish. We go to Billys all the time because we are always guaranteed a great meal and a fun atmosphere. If you havent been to Billys , you should absolutely check it out!

Pmitch50 14 days ago

Billy's Tacos

My wife and I moved to Wells two years ago but only found Billy's a year about. Wow, we missed out the first year and we can't get it back !! Great food ! We often have guest visit us from the US and international and we always take them to Billy's to experience costal cuisine at Billy's Chowder House! Love it!

Michellec 18 days ago

Baked Haddock

all the food is great.I cant say enough.Just adore Billys wish i were there.I need to do a maine trip and get some more Billys vists in..YUm

Foranc7 21 days ago

Fried Oysters

The best I have ever had...the clam chowder is also one of our favorites.

Tracyfeeney 23 days ago

Lobster Dinner

Our lobster dinners didn't disappoint!! Lobster was cooked to perfection and arrived steaming hot and packed with sweet lobster meat. Our sides were also delicious and not just an afterthought. Our server was attentive and helped make our evening memorable - we'd definitely recommend Billy's!!

Racoogan 23 days ago

Shore Dinner

The Shore Dinner is a must when dining at Billy's. You cannot beat the fresh lobster & all the sides. We especially love their clam chowder. We visit Maine, and Billy's 2-3 times/year and are never disappointed!

Amh6387 26 days ago

Billy's Famous Clam Chowder

Billy's is our favorite restaurant in Maine! They have the best clam chowder and their lobster and clams never disappoint. I can not recommend them enough.

Playitagain99 27 days ago

Seafood Sampler

The wait person from Wisconsin, was wonderful. We had the same dish in May and there was so much more food then for the same price, that we decided to drive the two hours back for another go. We had chowders (clam and fish) which were excellent. Caesar salad was fair. The fried seafood (shrimp, clams w/bellies, scallops and fish were good but there was not enough to justify the $29 price tag. We also ordered onion rings. They were awesome but not much of them and we ordered the larger platter. Total tab was $110. Definitely not rushing back. So sad since we were telling everyone how we got so much food and how good it was.

Sammyj16 29 days ago

Baked Scallops

Soooo delicious! I opted for the large scallops and they did not disappoint! Sweet, soft, luscious pillows of scallops and I ordered the Newburgh sauce in which to dip them. Outrageously good!

Blynn83 about 1 month ago

Grilled Swordfish

I had the special grilled swordfish that was topped with a mango salsa last night, and it was delicious! We visit Wells every year and Billy's is always the only restaurant we visit more than once.

Bandit01370 about 1 month ago

Fried Clam Strips

great food, great location, like to sit with a window to look at the marsh. have never been disappointed. great place to eat, you will love it

Rangeleycamps about 1 month ago

Fried Sea Scallop Roll

Wonderful.! Brought my 83 Yr old Mom to lunch and it was Excellant.

Bettyrobbins1 about 1 month ago

Billy's Famous Lobster Roll

Best Lobster roll. ( not filled with celery) just Lobster and a lil Mayo! Always start with the Seafood stew The Best Been there in June. Was there twice last week and will be heading back next week Wells Maine & Billy's go together


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