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1pamcd about 21 hours ago

Lobster Mac & Cheese

The. Best in the Area

Decorplanting 3 days ago

Stuffed Clams

I was in the area for nine days and had the stuffed clams almost every day!!!!!!!! They are awesome and like no other that I have tried anywhere!!!!!! Everything that this restaurant prepares is outstanding. It is difficult to choose just one item from their vast array of perfection on a plate. My husband and I dined at Billy's every single day of our vacation. We were never disappointed. The bacon wrapped scallops, the stuffed lobster, the white meat tuna roll, lobster rolls, oysters and shrimp, buckets of clams, and oysters are now just a happy memory, along with Billy's Chowder houses amazing bar staff!!! Those girls work their Fanny's off to please their customers! A finer staff would be hard pressed to find !!!! Thank you girls for making our stay a memorable one and a delicious one as well! We love you Billy's Chowder house!!!!!!

Beckert6230 4 days ago

Lobster Stew

First time here and loved it. I've never had so much lobster in lobster stew. It was amazing! Almost more lobster than broth. We vacation in Maine 2 times a year. This will definitely be our go to place every time. Loved it!

Grany 5 days ago

Billy's Famous Clam Chowder

Last time I was there visiting my Uncle, I have a HUGE BOWL. Unbelievably WONDERFUL. Then I had much more of Billy's Seafood. I have told several of my friends that live in Vermont, that they Must go there and try EVERYTHING. :)

Lebanonfd 8 days ago

Fried Sea Scallops

We always go to Billys for amazing food and exceptional service! We bring the 5 kids sometimes and sometimes just an adult night out. The food is super fresh, the views amazing and the staff are exceptional! We come year round and this is our to go restaurant. Definately the place to go when in Wells!

Budd1953 9 days ago

Billy's Famous Platter

Excellent seafood ❤️

W.Conte 10 days ago

Shrimp Cocktail

Went for the $1.00 Shrimp. hey were great. Sat at the Bar and the Bartenders were nice.

Justdigital 19 days ago

Fish & Chips

My Family and I have been coming to Maine since 77 as years passed finding Quality fresh seafood was hard but when we discovered Billy's chowder house we never looked back fast forward my family now lives in Myrtle Beach but we brought them back to Maine for my Dads 75 th birthday we automatically came in for Dinner I ordered the fish and chips the fish literally melts in your mouth just like butter what a feeling to come back to Thank You

Denisecromwell614 24 days ago

Bacon Wrapped Scallops

My favorite place to eat in Maine

Getaway13 26 days ago

Shrimp Scampi

We have been to Maine quite often,(we are from Ma) and I am a "HUGE" fan of seafood. Shrimp scampi is my go to meal whenever we go out to eat. I could not tell you the number of times I have had shrimp scampi,but I now have a place I will frequent regularly when in the area. Billy's Chowder House has far exceeded what would be classified as OK. They have hit it out of the park with this dish. Cooked to perfection every time,and always served with a smile. Keep up your outstanding service.

Shadowna 28 days ago

Breaded Onion Rings

These are the best onion rings I've found in Southern Maine. They are fried to an awesome golden color with a fabulous crunch and the onion is just awesome. No matter who I go to Billy's with, we always order a side dish of onion rings. Even the small size is enough for four people and they pile it high on a dinner plate. Do yourself a favor and treat yourself to an order of onion rings today!

Mybusinesslink 28 days ago

Billy's Famous Platter

Billy's lives up to it's reputation as Maine's Best Seafood Restaurant! The Famous Platter is superior to any I have ever had. Sam N, alumnus CIA '77

Kabonafilia 30 days ago

Baked Haddock

Always consistent in taste, quality and price. Wait staff is friendly, informed and are happy to be there. Great restaurant you won't be disappointed.

Morsesheil about 1 month ago

Baked Salmon

Loved this dish! The salmon was cooked to perfection! Will definitely have this again.

Paula.Kenda about 1 month ago

Baked Fish Sandwich

Mmmmm good! Very tasty, served on a bun with lettuce and tomato and pickle!! Quite filling for lunch. Great service, as always! Never disappoints!! 😉

Gaylefarrar about 1 month ago

Billy's Famous Platter

I love the seafood platter! A nice variety of seafood and the taste was fantastic!

Karen about 1 month ago

Baked Scallops

To quote their menu "you won't be disappointed", and I never have been and neither will you. The baked scallops are so moist with no chewy muscle part. I recommend you get the baked scallops with the baked potatoe and their incredible green beans. I also add a side of their seafood stuffing. If your lucky enough to get a side by the water, it's even better.

Sandradrosen about 1 month ago

Baked Haddock

An absolutely delicious dish. The haddock is prepared perfectly. I also the the haddock bites... Actually all of the food at Billy's is yummy!!

Cindyx27 about 1 month ago

Billy's Famous Lobster Roll

Ocean breezes and water as far as you can see ! Top it all off with the most delicious lobster roll in Maine ! Filled with generous chunks of lobster it will make your mouth water! A definite 15 on a scale of 10 !

Landry167 about 1 month ago

Seafood Sampler

Excellent food. Nice and fresh also had the clam chowder which we love and look forward to it every time I go. I even bring quarts of it home

Denisecromwell614 3 days ago

Baked Potato

Love, Love Billy's

Jenhett 3 days ago

Baked Haddock

Clicked on the MSN article for best seafood restaurants in every state knowing I would be traveling to Maine this summer. Billy's was only a half hour drive away from Old Orchard! Highly recommend! Everything was delicious!

Mgc43 5 days ago

Billy's Famous Lobster Roll

Billy's has the best lobster roll in town. I order the jumbo size. It is a great value, enough for the two servings. We've been living in Maine for 28 years and my husband Dave has to have a lobster roll at least once a week. He also loves their fried clams, while I usually order shrimp. Great food, ambiance, relaxing atmosphere, located on Mile Road, close to the beach. Billys is our favorite restaurant.

Mfoxsea 7 days ago

Billy's Famous Clam Chowder

I am a chowder enthusiast. I have been all over this country in some of the best beach towns there are and this is by far, the best Clam Chowder my taste buds ever had the pleasure of tasting. I had driven by this place many times and finally stopped in for a meal and I was introduced to a savory spoonful of chowder heaven! This clam chowder beats finding a pearl in a clam any day!

Shanpalinkas 8 days ago

Lobster Stew

My son and I have tried Lobster Stew at just about every restaurant that offers it in the area. By far, Billy's has the best! That buttery, creamy broth with a generous portion of succulent lobster is what keeps us coming back to Billy's!!

Emonsen 9 days ago

Seafood Stew

If you want a seafood stew to remember...check out Billy's Chowder House. You WILL be a repeat customer like we are for sure. Great food, view and service was superb!

Long.Paul 19 days ago

Seafood Stew

Loaded with seafood. This is a must try. First time here will be back before we leave Wells.

Braytonm13 21 days ago

Baked Scallops

I have never been disappointed with a dish at Billy's. The seafood is always fresh and perfectly prepared. The wings are the best I've had and my daughters must-have when we go. If you prefer your seafood fried, there's is lightly battered and never greasy! A trip to Wells wouldn't be complete without at least one meal here.

Levad 24 days ago

Bacon Wrapped Scallops

Absolutely the best sweet and not fishy Travel from Ct. for them and worth the trip

Guest 27 days ago

Billy's Tacos

Order the Billy's Haddock Tacos so fresh, so tasty with just a touch of seasoning, that does not masked the fresh fish taste. When in Wells you have to to Billy's. No matter what you order you will not be disappointed.

Gailasheddy 28 days ago

Billy's Tacos

So yummy doesn't begin to describe how good these taco's are!! Great with a nice cold beer❤️

Amcfa002 29 days ago

Billy's Famous Clam Chowder

First time at Billy's on June 15th. My wife and I enjoyed our meal and the view. Both of us had the famous clam chowder and shrimp cocktail. Can't wait to make Billy's a yearly stop while on vacation from New York! I tried a beer from a local brewery down the road, Hidden Cove brewery recommended by our waitress Jessie! Can't wait to add that stop on our list next year! Thanks for the great meal and service.

Michalatiffany about 1 month ago

Billy's Famous Clam Chowder

My first night in Maine I met up with family members whom I hadn't seen in years. Billy's Chowder House turned out to be the perfect choice for dinner . The atmosphere was welcoming and very "down home" Maine. We all tried the clam chowder. I've eaten many chowders and this was definitely one of the most delicious chowders on the east coast! A buttery, creamy mixture of fresh clams and potatoes. My mother enjoyed the baked haddock . It tasted fresh off the docks which really enhanced the experience of being on the North Atlantic. I myself ordered a lobster roll and fries. The lobster roll was delicious. Just the right texture and flavor of an exquisite down home staple of summer served on a New England style hot dog bun. Also the homemade onion rings are to die for! I am definitely looking forward to a return visit. Billy's Chowder House was truely a memorable experience. The perfect place to experience Maine with family and friends.

Carole.Neet about 1 month ago

Baked Stuffed Lobster

To die for - fresh from the Atlantic Ocean in Maine- nothing tastes the same! Succulent and juicy the way lobster should be!

Lintelisano1 about 1 month ago

Billy's Famous Lobster Roll

Was a yummy Easter Lunch 😊 I also had the Oysters and enjoyed them as well! Billy's Chowder House is a must stop when we visit Maine!!

Pbdayofvt about 1 month ago

Fried Mushrooms

We love to stop by for a Happy Hour cocktail and an app. The Seafood Stuff mushrooms are the best!!

Jess about 1 month ago

Lobster Mac & Cheese

Everything about Billy's is amazing; the food (lobster Mac is my fave!), the atmosphere, the staff, and the view. Billy's is a must for us when we visit Wells!

Shope312 about 1 month ago

Lazy Lobster

Billy's lazy lobster is the best! There were even 3 claws in the dish. Beautiful setting and amazing staff. All around a wonderful experience. Wells Maine staple.

Emonsen about 1 month ago

Lobster Dinner

This Lobster special brings us back and back again. By far, the best Lobster meal we have ever found. They score a total of 10 out of 10 on this one and you must see for yourself. The atmosphere, service, prices and food are a home run every time. You will be a repeat customer, like we are after one visit--check it out and see what we rave/crave about!!!

Slzamo about 1 month ago

Billy's Famous Lobster Roll

We have eaten at Billy's for about 35 years, and always had a great meal! As we vacation in Wells every summer. And we will drive 3 hours from our house in Massachusetts to Billy's for a Lobster roll lunch!